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Bible College Curriculum

WAPO MISSION INTERNATIONAL SUNDAY BIBLE COLLEGE (WMI-SBC) is designed for the committed believers desiring to make a difference in the society around them.. Disciples of the college will have the opportunity to practice what they are learning in the classes so that their knowledge may be proved. Disciples will receive hands-on experience in the supernatural as they heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse the leper, and cast out demons.

Total reliance upon the Holy Spirit is the only way we can insure our success in any area of our Christian life. Therefore, it is necessary for us to “hear” what the Spirit is saying to the Body of Christ today. We must develop an ear to hear the prophetic and revelatory language of the Holy Spirit. Disciples will learn to hear the voice of God and how to properly understand the prophetic. Disciples will learn how to access the heavenly realms and know the heart and mind of God in a deep, loving relationship with our Heavenly Father.

As each disciple develops in character and integrity, they will build a strong foundation for both the prophetic and supernatural power of God working in their lives and ministry. It is character and integrity that make a man or woman of God—not just the anointing.

 (WMI-SBC) will be unique. We will use a combination of correspondence courses from reliable and sound doctrine classes that will be held weekly. The disciple will also be required to be at BCIC congregational services. It is important that the disciples receive teaching and preaching that lines up with our foundational beliefs. We must know that the disciple’s vision is lining up with the vision God has given concerning the prophetic and signs and wonders. “How can two walk together unless they agree?”(Amos 3:3) Then we will build the Kingdom together with Kingdom-minded people.

The Vision

“The college of making”

  1. Making new converts into matured believers
  2. Making ordinary attendants into true worshipers in spirit and truth
  3. Making ordinary believers into committed disciples of Jesus
  4. Making ordinary members into Gospel laborers for the harvest


  1. To prepare Born Again believers for the current move of the Holy Spirit upon the earth.
  2. To provide a firm biblical foundation for signs and wonders, miracle, healings, and the supernatural.
  3. To empower people for the work of ministry, both here and around the world.
  4. To recognize and set apart those who are called into the five fold ministry.


  1. Disciple must be at least 18 years of age, with Secondary school Certificate or equivalency
  2. Disciple must attend all scheduled classes.
  3. Disciple must attend all BCIC congregational services.
  4. Disciple must successfully complete WMI-SBC courses and pass the final exams.
  5. Disciple must display godly character and integrity at all times.
  6. Disciple must complete all reading assignments and written assignments on time and according to established standards.
  7. Disciple must demonstrate faithfulness in serving others and in the tithe of the Lord.
  8. Each Disciple will be given practical ministry assignments to prepare them for future ministry opportunities.



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