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Discipleship Training Program

WMI-SBC has selected three books for discipleship training program from the Globe University’s 21 Century Discipleship certificate course, which has goals that fit with our program as follows:

  • New believers who study one lesson per week will finish the entire course in just thirty-nine weeks.
  • All lessons are Bible-based and practical, and will expose new Christians to the truths they need to know for Spiritual maturity and growth.
  • Every lesson provides key Scripture verses to learn and a helpful self-test so the new Christian can evaluate his or her comprehension of the material.
  • The lessons will excite new Christians with the joy and adventure of discipleship.

Book One

Getting started right is one of the keys to success in all areas of life, especially in a new Christian’s relationship with God. Capitalizing on the joy and excitement of being born again, the lessons in this book include:

  1. Your First Steps as a Christian
  2. T he Journey of Discipleship
  3. How to get the Most out of Bible Study
  4. Nurturing a Passion for Prayer
  5. Developing and Using Your Faith
  6. Y our New Spiritual Home, the Church
  7. T he Heart of Worship
  8. Getting to Know the Holy Spirit
  9. The Baptism in the Holy Spirit
  10. Becoming More Like Jesus: Sanctification
  11. How to Deal with Temptation
  12. T he Fruit of the Spirit
  13. Beating Fear and Anxiety

Book Two

Blessings and challenges come in many forms. This book will equip believers to understand experiences common to all followers of Christ. Lessons include:

  1. Overcoming Anger
  2. Forgiveness
  3. Building Better Relationships
  4. Perseverance
  5. Receiving God’s Correction
  6. How to Handle Failure
  7. T he Gifts of the Spirit
  8. Y our Money
  9. Why Does God Permit Suffering?
  10. How to Discover God’s Will
  11. Understanding Spiritual Authority
  12. Finding Your Place in Ministry
  13. Striving for Excellence

Book Three

Every follower of Christ has influence. This book will encourage and prepare Christians to serve Christ. Lessons in this book include:

  1. Developing Vision
  2. Christ-Centered Goals
  3. The Mission of Evangelism
  4. A Teachable Attitude
  5. Servant hood in the Local Church and beyond
  6. Making the Most of Your Time
  7. Y our Abilities and Talents
  8. Developing Leadership Ability
  9. T he Importance of Teamwork
  10. Building Unity in the Local Church
  11. Handling Conflict
  12. Improving Your Attitude
  13. Overcoming Obstacles


  1. Introduction to Biblical studies

1.1          What is the Bible?

1.2          The Message of the Bible

1.3          The Person of the Bible

1.4          The Inspiration of the Bible

1.5          Reasons to Believe in the Inspiration of the Bible

1.6          Has the Bible been changed?

1.7          True Christianity and the authority of the Bible

1.8          The Authority of the Bible

1.9          Who Can Interpret the Bible?

1.9          Principles of Interpretation

1.10        The Nature and Power of the Word

1.11        What will the Word Produce

1.12        What Must We Do with the Word of God

  1. The tripartite of Man (spirit, soul and body)

2.1          Human made in the image of God

2.2          God’s Will for Our Bodies

2.3          God’s Will for Our Souls

2.4          The Spiritual Life

2.5          The Inner Witness of the Human Spirit

  1. Grace and God’s Life

3.1          The Problem

3.2          What is Grace?

3.3          What Grace Does

3.4          What We Must Do In Relation To Grace

3.5          The Importance of Grace

3.6          Sinning against the Grace of God

  1. Sanctification and Holiness

4.1          Introduction

4.2          We are justified in Christ

4.3          What is Sanctification?

4.4          We cannot make it by Self-Effort

4.5          Sanctification by the Blood of Jesus

4.6          The Importance of a Total Consecration

4.7          Dead to Sin, Alive to God

4.8          Meditation on the Word

4.9          Dependence on the Spirit of God

4.10        Faith in Jesus as Sanctifier

4.11        Deliverance and Emotional Healing

4.12        The Role Of Suffering

4.13        The Hope of Maturity and Perfection


  1. Bible Survey

1.1       Life of Christ

1.2       Principles of Biblical Interpretation

1.3       The Corinthian Letters

1.4       Galatians and Romans

1.5       Old Testament Literature

1.6       New Testament Literature

1.7       The Bible and the Church

  1. Christian Ministries

2.1       The Church: From Pentecost to the Reformation

2.2       Man and Sin

2.3       Evangelism Today

2.4       Introduction to Islam

2.5       Cross-Cultural Communication

2.6       How to Speak in Public

2.7       Principles of Teaching

2.8       Christian Counseling

2.9       Preparing and Preaching Bible Messages

2.10     Human Relations

2.11     Introduction to Missions

2.12     The Bible and Missions

2.13     People and Their Beliefs


  1. Introduction
  2. A True Christian Has Given Himself and All He has to God
  3. Faithfulness in Money Matters
  4. Providing for One’s Family
  5. Working is Good
  6. Tithing
  7. Giving
  8. Honesty and Accountability
  9. Spending and Investing Wisely
  10. Receiving Prosperity
  11. Faithfulness with Time
  12. Vision and Purpose
  13. Diligence
  14. Faithfulness with Talents and Calling


  1. Youth purity and victorious lifestyle
  2. Engagement and wedding Guidance
  3. Biblical marriage principles
  4. Biblical perspective on Divorce and remarry
  5. Widows and orphans care services
  6. Single parents issues


  1. New testament Church Pattern
  2. Cell-church leadership systems
  3. Five-fold ministry doctrine
  4. Globalization challenges on church leadership
  5. Biblical morals and ethics
  6. Youth ministry
  7. Role of women in the church


Bishop Sylvester Gamanywa

Founder & Visionary



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