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Wapo Radio FM

WAPO MISSION INTERNATIONAL under its trusteeship of WAPOMEDIA owns WAPO RADIO FM. The vision began since 1992 and came into reality in February 2002. However, in order to minister to the entire human being, spiritually, mentally and physically, this station has dedicated about 55% of its airtime for promoting and broadcasting community-based programme. WAPOMISSION has contributed financially about 80% to this project. Other major contributors to this project include: RADIO AFRICA NETWORK (RAN) from South Africa; PLACE FOR HIS GLORY from USA, and individuals from the City of Dar-Es-Salaam.

Fees for airtime on Radio station

The Radio station receives revenues to subsidize its running costs by selling some of its airtime. At WAPO RADIO FM station, every programme needs a sponsor to pay for its production cost and staff allowances. Also, we do charge for small advertisements that do not contradict with the radio policy.


  1. To broadcast quality digital productions that will draw massive audience to this station. Our programming will be educational, through entertaining, exciting, and inspiring media.
  2. Through 24 hours broadcasting, WAPO RADIO FM determines to make available to other producers of quality Educational programs the opportunity to air their programs; thus, exposing them to a wider audience and in turn expanding these services.
  3. Lastly, is to provide a training center for groups that seek to produce their own Radio programs. We also offer consultation and assistance in purchasing, set-up, Radio recording, and editing skills.

Three-Year Goals

  1. To expand the Radio coverage from Coastal Region to the entire Lake Zone Region. We plan to achieve this via satellite uplink.
  2. To become fully digital in our all transmissions
  3. Website engine with capacity of Internet broadcasting

Targeted Audience

WAPO RADIO FM is a station whose objective is to meet the needs and interests of the entire community. When we talk about the interests of the entire community, we are referring to the general community, all genders and all tribes. In other words, it is for the benefit of all – the elite as well as the illiterate, the rich and the poor, the sick and the healthy, employed the unemployed and the self-employed.

Main Programmes

The station mainly focuses on the following programs:

    1. To defend human rights and promote good morals

We are all witnesses to serious moral erosion in today’s society. We daily unjust acts such as bribery, corruption, murder, rape and disrespectful conduct among the people. WAPO RADIO FM will be a special communication channel for educating people concerning their basic rights. It also aims to re-establish a good moral order, which is already heavily eroded. The community-based radio will be a trendsetter in the behavioral reconstruction of the society.

    1. Campaign against HIV/AIDS Epidemic

Our government has been spear heading a campaign to encourage our society to use every means available to avoid catching HIV/AIDS. WAPO RADIO FM plans to a make substantive contribution to the effort to control this terrible disease. We hope the people might not die twice but be born again.

    1. To wage war against poverty

Tanzania has been put on the list of the poorest countries in the world. The government has been trying to convince the rich nations to reduce her debt burden, thus working towards poverty alleviation. WAPO RADIO FM is devoted to play an active role in educating the masses on the various strategies that individuals should take in order to liberate themselves from poverty.

  1. Sensitizing Tanzanians to peace and tranquility

WAPO RADIO FM gives special attention to the question of peace and tranquility in the society. This is because without peace and order even the programme of WAPO RADIO FM will go unheard.



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