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Wapo Media (Historical Background)

WAPO MEDIA is a media unit, which was established under WAPO MISSION INTERNATIONAL) since 1998. WAPO has a firm traditional belief that every project and program that is designed in Tanzania, should comply with the criterion, which is always used to ensure its success.

The criterion is that we should be fully persuaded in advance that the project will become self -propagating, self-governing and self-sustaining. Based on this belief, WAPO do not want to operate under the pressure of dependence- syndrome. Therefore, in order to make WAPO MEDIA self-propagating, self-governing and self-supporting, in the 2000 year, WAPO MISSION decided to register it under the Business Names (Registration) Ordinance (CAP213) with a registration No: 123655.

Thus, WAPO MEDIA serves as a tool for communication to reach the intended targeted groups in the society. Under the Media Unit, there are two media facilities, that is the Msemakweli Sunday Newspaper, which is in circulation all over the Country, and WAPO RADIO FM reaching about 15 Million people in Dar-es-Salaam and around the Coastal Regions. Both are located at WAPO MISSION premises in Kurasini Temeke Dar-es-Salaam.

Mission Statement

To become a strong, reliable and respectable Media communication that is designed to restore, promote peace and tranquility, good morals, human rights, and good governance in Tanzania, and to our neighboring countries of THE GREAT LAKES REGION.

Major Objectives

  1. To sponsor, establish, manage, own or lease, print or publish, or establish projects such as Printing services, Newspapers, Magazines, other publications, Radio stations, Television stations, other visual and audio media, but not limited to these.
  2. To enhance the quality of community life from grass-root level by laying out community programmes focusing on basic human needs in a manner that will ensure the promotion of awareness for social democracy, human rights, good governance and good morals.
  3. To receive donations, contributions, grants, bequests, gifts, offerings, loans, and monies from individuals, Organizations, Businesses, Companies, Financial institutions, Foundations, Charitable organizations, Missions, Churches, Ministries, Government, International Organizations and Non- governmental Organizations.
  4. To fight and control the spread of HIV/AIDS and Drug abuse among the youth through creation and supervision of economic projects, which are designed to support them financially and give self-employment opportunities.
  5. To create through media communication an environment of hope and respect for needy women and children of all tribes and beliefs, to enable them to achieve their full potential. We would also provide practical tools for positive change – to children, families and the entire society.

Strategies and programmes

  1. Publishing, printing and distributing newspapers, books and other publications that are designed to impart knowledge to our targeted readership.
  2. Programming, producing and broadcasting news and relevant information that will raise awareness of human rights, good morals, and the maintenance of peace and tranquillity in society.
  3. Planning, organizing, conducting and sponsoring seminars, conferences, and workshops purposely designed to achieve our major objectives.


Our traditional belief regarding financial support is that every project and program we intend to establish in Tanzania, should comply with the criterion, which we use to ensure its success. Our criterion is that we should be fully persuaded in advance that our project would become self-governing and self-sustaining. Based on this belief, we do not want to operate under the pressure of dependence- syndrome. Yes, we shall look for support at the beginning, but we shall not always depend on day-to-day support from the outside. See more details about the current WAPO Media units:



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