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Msema Kweli Newspaper

The founding of the Paper MSEMA KWELI is a weekly Christian Newspaper run by WAPO MEDIA established basically for propagation, promotion and defense of Christian faith in Tanzania. It is the largest Christian and interdenominational Newspaper distributed over all the country since its establishment in 1993

The vision of established this newspaper came as result of facing challenges brought forth in Tanzania by non-Christian religious movement who vowed to eradicate Christian faith through public meetings, distributing false publications against Christian faith like books, booklets, pamphlets etc.

Bishop Gamanywa began to share with some Leaders of WAPO MISSION concerning his vision of establishing a Christian Newspaper early in 1992 and by 18th August 1992 Msemakweli was officially registered as a newspaper.

Fees for printing charges

We do sale Msemakweli Sunday Newspaper to our readers so that we could maintain our working capital. Our circulation is between 5,000 up to 10,000 print orders per week. We also do charge fees for other printing services such as typesetting, color separation, printing of stationeries etc.

Major objectives of Msemakweli

    1. Msemakweli offers a platform to the Bishops, Pastors, theologians and other prominent in the society to air their views and opinions, and special teachings that builds up, edify and educate its readers.
    2. Msemakweli educates the public about other non-Christian religious in order to promote peace, harmony and perseverance between members of different religious back- grounds and faiths.
    3. Msemakweli defends basic human rights without fear, favor and discrimination on the basic of race, color, religion, tribe, nationality or sex.
    4. Msemakweli makes research on false or distorted biblical doctrines and publishes the same for a good intention of defending Christian faith such as publishing true interpretation against false interpretations propagated by non-Christian fundamentalists.
    5. It does not favor any political party, ideology or policy; therefore the newspaper does not engage itself in any political campaign on behalf of anybody. However the paper does not hesitate to report and publish important events that touch and raise the interests of readers and feelings with intention of making the readers know and grasp the truth.


    1. Christian community and public at large depend on Msemakweli to be informed of Christian news, both from within the country and international level.
    2. Features published in Msemakweli provide special teachings and these teachings had been of a great help to both Christian community and public in general.
    3. False publications that had been distributed against Christianity had been published with their correct interpretations thus making people to understand the truth.
    4. Non-Christian campaigns against Christianity have started to diminish as a result of Msemakweli publication, and many people have come to the Lord Jesus through features and testimonies published in Msemakweli.



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