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WMI Historical background

The Vision for establishment of the WAPO MISSION INTERNATIONAL was conceived for the first time in the heart of Rev. Sylvester Gamanywa during his long fasting of 28 days in 1984. View some History of Wapo Mission International pictures here...!

This was his first and long fasting he ever had in his walk with the Lord; and it happened to him while he was living in a small town of Same –Kilimanjaro serving the local churches as a preacher. At those particular moments, most of Born Again Christian denominations, particularly the Pentecostals, were intensively experiencing religious conflicts between church leaders and members, which resulted in so many divisions and split among the churches. 

Church leaders were accusing one another before the government, and civil cases from the churches were bombarding the Courts of Law in Tanzania. It was during this unpleasant situation; Rev. Sylvester Gamanywa decided to strongly intercede for the Body of Christ in Tanzania so that a lasting solution could be found.

During his intensive prayer, Rev. Gamanywa conceived an apostolic vision regarding the causes of those conflicts; why they were occurring; and how to find a lasting solution. It was revealed to him that there was a special need to establish a Born Again National Leadership Union in Tanzania; which would facilitate in bringing together all Born Again Church leaders so that a true reconciliation could be made according the Word of God.

In 1986, Rev. Gamanywa was transferred to minister in the City of Dar-es-Salaam. It was there where he met some pastors and bishops who encouraged him to officially register WAPO MISSION as an Umbrella organization in 1990. WAPO was designed to promote Unity in Diversity among church leaders in the Body of Christ in Tanzania. In addition, it was intended to promote the five-fold ministry, which is the apostolic, Prophetic, Evangelistic, Pastoral and teaching ministries for equipping the believers in the Body of Christ in Tanzania.

However, in order to ensure that this main Vision is maintained, WAPO did establish an Affiliation facility for ministerial and church affiliation for new and young ministries; as well as for others who for some reasons needed this kind of assistance in our country.

Currently, WAPO has successfully managed to implement and maintain her original vision by continuing in influencing the church and Society through different ways that include promoting and maintaining peace and tranquillity in the country, advocating and encouraging unity among church leaders, educating the public on major issues that are affecting our Society.

Growth Of Wapo Mission International

1984-  WAPO original vision was established

1990 – WAPO was officially registered with Government

DAR congregational growth

1992 – Upanga Primary School – 17 members

1994 – Dar Technical College – 60 members

1994-1999  – 120 members

2000 – Kurasini Temeke – 80 members

2003-2004 – Kurasini – 2500 members

2004-2005 – PTA Sabasaba – 6300 members

2005 – Mbezi Beach – 4200 members

MEDIA Services

1993 – Msemakweli Newspaper

2002 – WAPO Radio FM

SOCIAL Services

1996 – Nursery Primary school education

2005 – Political peace stability campaigns

1998 – Special Refugee services in the camps



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