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WHEREAS, the desire and vision to pioneer and establish a Christian society of a Pentecostal nature for expansion of kingdom of God in Tanzania was first found in the heart of the minister and servant of God brother Sylvester Gamanywa in the year 1984;

AND WHEREAS, the establishment of the said society was made possible in the year 1990, being constituted and legally registered as “The World Apostolic Ministries” under the Societies Ordinance,1954; now the Societies Act [Cap. 337 2002]; given registration number SO. 7291;

AND WHEREAS, the first amendment of the constitution of 1990 of the aforesaid society was made in the year
1997, thereof changing its name from the “World Apostolic Ministries” to the “Word and Pentecostal Organizations” and abbreviated as “WAPO”;

AND WHEREAS, in the year 2000 another major amendments of the said constitution were carried out, thus, changing the name of the said society from the “Word and Pentecostal Organizations” to the Word and Peace Organizations” [WAPO];

AND WHEREAS,the so far made amendments in the said constitution had been over passed by both social and Christian needs;
NOW, THEREFORE, IT HAS BEEN DECLARED BY THIS MEETING THAT, the third amendments of the said constitution include: the change of the name of the said Christian society from the “Word and Peace Organizations” to “WAPO MISSION INTERNATIONAL”; reflecting new vision, missions, core values, guiding principles and structure of the said Christian society in working with not only Local Christian Community but also International Christian Community in new global context in adhering to the greatest commission given by our Lord Jesus Christ. 

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